du Selects Echothrust Solutions For Its First Hacking Competition In Dubai

Athens, Greece, 9 September 2014: Echothrust Solutions is pleased to announce that Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (du) chose the EchoCTF platform for its first ever hacking competition, the du Hackathon that will take place on September 18th 2014, during du's annual cybersecurity Conference at Armani Hotel in Dubai.

This year's conference will focus on smart cities; today's cities depend on critical infrastructures such as communication, energy and transportation. These infrastructures have been modernised to reflect the cities' needs for capacity, automation and business continuity with computerised systems. Often these systems are found to be vulnerable to common network or web attacks by individuals or foreign governments, jeopardizing national security and even citizen lives.

Echothrust Solutions created from scratch, a smart city model, the EchoCity-F, which represents vital infrastructure components of a smart city - including ICS and SCADA systems for transportation, energy, communications and construction. The gameplay will be visible to the players and public through computer generated visualisations.

Amongst other challenges, hackers will try to obtain control of a model train,its rail tracks and the train passage bars,the lights and ventilation of a train tunnel, the operation of the city's water reservoir, the airport's communication tower and the lights of the landing strip, a power plant and a nuclear plant, wind turbines and, last but not least, a tower crane.

EchoCTF's gameplay is designed to assess students knowledge and skills and educate them on cybersecurity and ethical hacking. Working in teams of 3 to 5 members, competitors must tackle multiple levels of EchoCTF's vulnerable components. Each level will be scored, with teams earning points based on the systems they successfully hack. The team with the highest points at the end will win the competition, taking home prize money of AED 20,000 and certificates of participation.

EchoCTF is the Echothrust Capture The Flag platform first presented on AthCon IT Security Conference 2012. In computer security, Capture the Flag (CTF) refers to computer security competitions that allow participants to demonstrate their level of skills on practical IT security. EchoCTF's gameplay is based on realistic scenarios involving situations and findings that would yield or subtract different point values from the participants/teams.

About Echothrust Solutions: Echothrust Solutions is a Research and Development company focusing on developing and implementing custom, innovative solutions that span a diverse set of applications.

Echothrust was founded in 2006 in Reading, UK and was relocated to Greece in 2009. Through the years, Echothrust's team has developed a plethora of diverse projects, ranging from network security, artificial intelligence, computer management, firewalls to intrusion detection systems.